Meaning of TORMENTONE in Italian

Tormentone in Italian

Tormentone in Italian refers to something that becomes extremely popular. It’s commonly used to describe a hit summer song, a catchphrase or trend that people talk about non-stop. You can translate it into English as “a hit” or “a craze”.

OriginFrom tormento, which means “torment” or “annoyance”, and the verb tormentare, meaning “to torment, to annoy”. There’s also the descriptive suffix “-one” that is often added to words to indicate something big. In this case, big enough to give you a massive earworm! We could translate tormentone as “big torment

Hit song

Tormentone in Italian: Different forms

Like most nouns in Italian, tormentone has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

Un tormentone
A hit song

Dei tormentoni
Some hit songs

Il tormentone
The hit song

I tormentoni
The hit songs

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Tormentone in Italian: Examples

Questa canzone è diventata un vero tormentone estivo.
This song has become a real summer hit.

Qual è il titolo del tormentone di questa estate?
What is the title of this summer’s hit song?

Il nuovo gioco da tavolo è diventato un tormentone tra i bambini.
The new board game has become a hit among children.

Despacito è un vero tormentone.
Despacito is a real hit song.

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