Meaning of STARNUTO in Italian

Starnuto in Italian

Starnuto is the Italian translation for “sneeze”.

OriginFrom the Latin word sternuĕre, “to sneeze”


Starnuto in Italian: Different forms

Like most nouns in Italian, starnuto has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

Uno starnuto
A sneeze

Degli starnuti
Some sneezes

Lo starnuto
The sneeze

Gli starnuti
The sneezes

radio speaker sneezing

Starnuto in Italian: Examples

Luca ha fatto uno starnuto così forte che tutti si sono voltati.
Luca sneezed so loudly that everyone turned around.

Mettiti una mano davanti alla bocca quando starnutisci.
Put one hand in front of your mouth when you sneeze.

Quando Elena annusa il polline, fa sempre una serie di starnuti.
When Elena sniffs pollen, she always makes a series of sneezes.

As a verb, to sneeze is translated into Italian as starnutire. You sneeze when you have a cold, a raffreddore, or an allergy to something, allergia.

If you are allergic to carrots, for example, you can say you are allergico alle carote with the expression allergico + “a”.

Ho un brutto raffreddore e starnutisco spesso.
I have a bad cold and sneeze a lot.

Sono allergico alle carote. Non le posso mangiare.
I am allergic to carrots. I can’t eat them.

Ho appena starnutito sullo schermo del cellulare!
I just sneezed on my cell phone screen!

boy sneezing

To sneeze in Italian is also translated as fare uno starnuto, “to make a sneeze”.

Salute! is how you translate bless you! in Italian after someone sneezes. It literally means health!.

Bless you!

Ora non ho te-e-e-eeetciù! – Salute!
Now I don’t have t-a-a-aaachoo! – Bless you!

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