Meaning of SPENDACCIONE in Italian

Spendaccione in Italian

Spendaccione is the Italian translation for big spender. It describes someone who spends money recklessly or extravagantly, often without considering the consequences.

A feminine version exists, spendacciona.

OriginFormed by combining the verb spendere, which means “to spend”, with the descriptive suffix “-one” that conveys a sense of exaggeration

Big spender

Spendaccione in Italian: Different forms

Like most nouns in Italian, spendaccione has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

Uno spendaccione
A big spender

Degli spendaccioni
Some big spenders

Lo spendaccione
The big spender

Gli spendaccioni
The big spenders

woman begging a friend for money

Spendaccione in Italian: Examples

Luigi è uno spendaccione e si lamenta sempre di non avere soldi.
Luigi is a big spender and is always complaining about not having money.

Mia sorella è sempre stata una spendacciona, compra sempre delle cose inutili.
My sister has always been a big spender, she buys unnecessary things all the time.

600 euro di vestiti? Sei una spendacciona!
600 euros worth of clothes? You are a big spender!

People who are big spenders are said to have “hands with holes”, avere le mani bucate.

Hai le mani bucate, Alessandro!
You spend money like water, Alessandro!

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