Meaning of SCROCCONE in Italian

Scroccone in Italian

Scroccone is the Italian translation for freeloader or moocher. It describes someone who’s stingy or tight-fisted with money, someone who takes advantage of others by getting things for free without paying their fair share.

OriginFrom the Italian verb scroccare, “to freeload” or “to sponge off others”; scroccare comes from crocco, which is a sort of hook. Crocco was also used to describe a crossbow’s cog

There is also a feminine version, scroccona.


Scroccone in Italian: Different forms

Like most nouns in Italian, scroccone has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

a crossbow

Uno scroccone
A freeloader

Degli scrocconi
Some freeloaders

Lo scroccone
The freeloader

Gli scrocconi
The freeloaders

Scroccone in Italian: Examples

Alessandra è una scroccona.
Alessandra is a freeloader.

Ho un collega che è famoso per essere uno scroccone.
I have a colleague who is famous for being a freeloader.

Quel tipo è proprio uno scroccone, non paga mai il caffè.
The guy is such a freeloader, he never pays for coffee.

Gli scrocconi non sono ben accetti alle feste.
Freeloaders are not welcome at parties.

You can say andare a scrocco, “to freeload” or “to mooch”.

Lorenzo va a scrocco a spese dei suoi amici. Fa spesso finta di aver lasciato il portafoglio a casa.
Lorenzo freeloads at the expense of his friends. He often pretends to have left his wallet at home.

man who lost his wallet

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