Meaning of PIEDIPIATTI in Italian

Piedipiatti in Italian

Piedipiatti is a slang term used to refer to police officers. It’s a bit like calling them “cops” in English, or, using a dated slang word, “flatfoot”.

OriginFrom the Italian expression “flatfeet”
Pronunciation/ˈpjedi ˈpjatti/

Cop, flatfoot

Piedipiatti in Italian: Different forms

Like most nouns in Italian, piedipiatti has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

Un piedipiatti
A cop

Dei piedipiatti
Some cops

Il piedipiatti
The cop

I piedipiatti
The cops

policeman catching a criminal

Piedipiatti in Italian: Examples

Hai visto quei due piedipiatti in uniforme?
Did you see those two cops in uniform?

Ho incrociato i piedipiatti mentre tornavo a casa.
I ran into the cops on my way home.

Michele si è fatto catturare dai piedipiatti!
Michele got caught by the cops!

policeman stopping traffic

Another translation for “cop” in Italian is sbirro. Let’s make a couple of examples with sbirro, too:

Attento, c’è un controllo degli sbirri più avanti.
Be careful, there’s a cop check ahead.

Gli sbirri ci hanno fatto delle domande.
The cops asked us some questions.

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