Meaning of MAMMONE in Italian

Mammone in Italian

Mammone is the Italian translation for mama’s boy. It describes someone, often a man, who is excessively attached to their mother and tends to rely on her for everything. A mammone often lives with his mother well into adult age. For this reason, it has a pretty negative connotation.

There is also a feminine version, mammona.

OriginFrom the Italian word mamma, which means “mom”, and the descriptive suffix -one, which means “big”; in other words, mammone literally translates as “big mom” with the meaning of “big mama’s boy”.

Mama’s boy

Mammone in Italian: Different forms

Like most nouns in Italian, mammone has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

Un mammone
A mama’s boy

Dei mammoni
Some mama’s boys

Il mammone
The mama’s boy

I mammoni
The mama’s boys

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Mammone in Italian: Examples

Non fare il mammone!
Don’t be a mama’s boy!

Vittorio è proprio un mammone: ha 46 anni e vive ancora con i suoi.
Vittorio is such a mama’s boy: he is 46 years old and still lives with his parents.

Mia cugina ha un fidanzato che è proprio un mammone, non riesce a fare nulla da solo.
My cousin has a boyfriend who is such a mama’s boy, he can’t do anything on his own.

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