Meaning of IMMAGINO in Italian

Immagino in Italian

Immagino literally means “I imagine”, but it has another meaning. It’s often used in a similar way to say “I suppose” or “I can imagine”. It’s a useful word to use when you don’t have anything meanful to add to what someone’s telling you.

OriginFrom the Italian verb immaginare, “to imagine”

I suppose, I can imagine

Don’t confuse immagino with immagine: that means “image”!

businessman wondering about something

Starnuto in Italian: Examples

Ho studiato molto per questo esame. – Immagino.
I studied a lot for this exam. – I can imagine.

Con tre figli a cui badare, non ho mai tempo per me stessa. – Immagino!
With three children to take care of, I never have time for myself. – I can imagine!

You can also use the expression immagino che… to mean “I guess that”, as in:

Hai saltato il pranzo. Immagino che tu abbia fame.
You skipped lunch. I guess you are hungry.

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