Meaning of CURIOSARE in Italian

Curiosare in Italian

Curiosare is an informal translation for “to snoop, to pry, to look around”. It’s a neutral word, with no connotations. It depends on the context whether it is positive or negative. In itself, it just means you feel a need to “snoop around”.

OriginFrom the adjective curioso, “curious, inquisitive” or “strange”. These words are cognates

To snoop, to pry

Curiosare in Italian: Examples

You can nose around flowers, or browse around antique markets. You can also rummage through old vinyl records or snoop in your mom’s drawers…

Il gatto curiosava tra i fiori in giardino.
The cat was nosing around among the garden flowers.

Mi piace curiosare nei mercatini dell’antiquariato.
I like to browse around antique markets.

La mia vicina di casa continua a curiosare dalla finestra.
My neighbor keeps prying from the window.

I bambini amano curiosare nei cassetti.
Children love to snoop in drawers.

Mi sono divertito a curiosare tra i vecchi vinili in cantina.
I had fun rummaging through old vinyl records in the basement.

a spy cat

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