Meaning of CIOFECA in Italian

Ciofeca in Italian

Ciofeca is like saying something’s a bit rubbish or crappy. It’s what you’d use when you’re not impressed with the quality of something, like bad food or a lousy product. It’s often used to express disdain or disappointment.

Ciofeca in Italian is also used to describe a disappointing drink, such as as coffee that looks delicious but tastes very bad.

OriginFrom the Greek word kofos, for something lacking flavor and freshness like a watered-down coffee; Some think it comes from the Arabic sciafèk, “undrinkable liquid”

Rubbish, crappy product; disappointing drink

Ciofeca in Italian: Different forms

Like most nouns in Italian, ciofeca has two articles (definite or indefinite articles) and two numbers (singular or plural).

Una ciofeca
A crappy product

Delle ciofeche
Some crappy products

La ciofeca
The crappy product

Le ciofeche
The crappy products

woman eating some bitter food

Ciofeca in Italian: Examples

Questo succo di frutta non è fresco, è una vera ciofeca.
This fruit juice isn’t fresh, it’s a real disappointment.

Ho ordinato un cocktail, ma era solo una ciofeca zuccherata.
I ordered a cocktail, but it was just a sugary mess.

La borsa che ho comprato è costata pochissimo. Sarà una ciofeca.
The bag I bought was very cheap. It must be rubbish.

I prodotti economici sono spesso delle ciofeche.
Low-cost products are often junk.

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