Meaning of ASFALTARE in Italian

Asfaltare in Italian

Asfaltare is an informal translation for to win hands down, to defeat.

OriginFrom the Italian word asfalto, “asphalt” or “tar”

To win hands down, to defeat

boys playing rock paper scissors

Asfaltare in Italian: Origins

In its primary meaning, asfaltare means “to pave”, as in “to pave a road”, asfaltare una strada.

It is also used colloquially to mean “to triumph, to win easily”. So easily that it is almost humiliating to lose. With asfaltare, you flatten all your opponents like freshly poured tar on a paved road.

You could translate it also as “to crush, to smash”.

a highway with many cars

Asfaltare in Italian: Examples

Amazon ha asfaltato la concorrenza.
Amazon has crushed the competition.

La squadra avversaria è stata asfaltata con un punteggio di 5-0.
The opposing team was smashed with a score of 5-0.

Il candidato ha asfaltato gli altri concorrenti e ha vinto le elezioni.
The candidate smashed the other contenders and won the election.

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