Meaning of AMBARADAN in Italian

Ambaradan in Italian

Ambaradan is an informal translation for chaos, racket.

Chaos, racket, mess

woman stressing over a heap of boxes

Ambaradan in Italian: Origins

Ambaradan originates from the Guerra d’Etiopia, the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, in 1936.

An important battle in this war was held on a table mountain called Amba Aradam near Macallé.

It was a confusing battle: the Italian army tried to break the local residence with the help of mercenary tribes. These tribes kept switching allies in the middle of the battle, creating a big mess.

Thus ambaradan was born, with the meaning of “a big mess”.

some green hills

Ambaradan in Italian: Examples

Dopo la festa, la casa era un vero ambaradan, con bicchieri ovunque.
After the party, the house was a real mess, with glasses everywhere.

La mia scrivania è sempre un ambaradan di documenti e penne.
My desk is always a chaos of papers and pens.

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