Means of transport in Italian

L’auto, l’automobile, la macchina
The car

Il camion
The truck

The bus

La metropolitana
The underground

La bici, la bicicletta
The bicycle

red-haired woman riding a bicycle

Il treno
The train

L’aereo, l’aeroplano
The airplane

La nave
The ship

La barca
The boat

The helicopter

rescuers on a helicopter

La moto
The motorbike

Lo scooter
The scooter

Il motorino
The moped

Il monopattino
The push scooter

Il triciclo
The tricycle

green tricycle

Il traghetto
The ferry

Il trattore
The tractor

Lo skateboard
The skateboard

Lo snowboard
The snowboard

I pattini a rotelle
The roller blades

La slitta
The sleigh

santa on a sleigh with a reindeer

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