The bug

La zanzara
The mosquito

The bee

La mosca
The fly

Il ragno
The spider

brown spider - bugs in italian

Lo scarabeo
The beetle

Il grillo
The cricket

Il verme
The worm

La lumaca
The slug, the snail

La farfalla
The butterfly

useful Italian words for bugs - farfalla

La cavalletta
The grasshopper

La coccinella
The ladybug

La medusa
The jellyfish

La formica
The ant

Il bruco
The caterpillar

brown and smiling caterpillar

Lo scorpione
The scorpion

La mantide religiosa
The praying mantis

Il gamberetto
The shrimp

The lobster

Il granchio
The crab

La libellula
The dragonfly

useful words for bugs in italian - smiling butterfly

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