How do you say IT’S MY TURN in Italian?

It’s my turn in Italian

Common translation: Tocca a me

Tocca a me is how you most commonly translate it’s my turn in informal contexts.

Tocca a me!
It’s my turn!

For example, you can say…

Hai giocato abbastanza. Ora tocca a me!
You’ve played enough. Now it’s my turn!

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More formal translation: Spetta a me!

Spetta a me is a slightly more formal translation of it’s my turn in Italian. It features the verb spettare, which means “to be entitled to”.

Spetta a me!
It’s my turn!

Spetta a me is more formal than tocca a me, but it also has a different meaning: spetta a me has a tinge of responsability, “it’s up to me”, as in the example below:

Ieri sera hai lavato tu i piatti. Ora spetta a me.
Last night you did the dishes. Now it’s my turn.

Or, with the “you” pronoun…

Spetta a te portare fuori il cane stasera!
It’s up to you to take the dog out tonight!

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Tocca a me… or mi tocca?

Mi tocca has nothing to do with it’s my turn in Italian. Mi tocca translates as “it’s up to me”, or “I have to”. It has a tinge of laziness: you don’t want to do this thing, but you have to.

Oggi mi tocca lavare le lenzuola.
I have to wash my sheets today.

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