To take a shower

To take a shower in Italian

First of all, let’s translate to take a shower in Italian.

Fare la doccia
To take a shower

Literal translationTo do the shower
IPA pronunciation/ˈfaːre la ˈdɔttʃa/

You can also find this expression as farsi la doccia, literally to do oneself a shower. These ways of saying to take a shower in Italian are interchangeable.

Farsi la doccia
To take a shower

To take a bath, on the other hand, would be fare il bagno.

Fare il bagno
To take a bath
Literally: To do a bath

Young people also use docciarsi (to shower), but it’s a very colloquial expression that should not be used in formal situations.

To shower
(Very informal!)

What do you need to take a shower in Italian? You need sapone, soap, bagnoschiuma, body wash or sciampo/shampoo, shampoo. Maybe you prefer baths. In that case, you can even let a few paperelle di gomma, rubber ducks, float on the surface of the water!

Questo bagnoschiuma ha un ottimo profumo.
This body wash smells great.

to take a bath in italian - to take a shower - kid taking a bath among many rubber ducks

To take a shower in Italian: Examples

Quante volte ti fai la doccia alla settimana?
How often do you take a shower in a week?

Credo che farsi la doccia due volte al giorno sia un po’ eccessivo.
I think that showering twice a day is a bit too much.

Faccio la doccia tutti i giorni.
I take a shower every day.

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