To take a break in Italian

To take a break in Italian: Translation

Fare una pausa
To take a break

Literal translationTo make a break
IPA pronunciation/ˈfaːre una ˈpausa/

It’s interesting to learn that to take a break can also be translated as prendersi una pausa, which uses the reflexive verb prendersi, “to take oneself”. The two expressions are interchangeable, although prendersi una pausa is more colloquial.

Prendersi una pausa
To take (oneself) a break

man taking a break on his smartphone

To take a break in Italian: Examples

Non farò alcuna pausa finché non avrò finito.
I will not take any break until I am finished.

Lorenza fa sempre una breve pausa verso le undici.
Lorenza always takes a short break around 11 o’clock.

Lavoro ininterrottamente da quasi otto ore. Devo fare una pausa.
I have been working continuously for almost eight hours. I need to take a break.

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