To sunbathe in Italian

To sunbathe in Italian: Translation

Prendere il sole
To sunbathe

Literal translationTo take the sun
IPA pronunciation/ˈprendere il ˈsoːle/
a bear sunbathing

To sunbathe in Italian: Examples

Mi piace prendere il sole sul balcone.
I like to sunbathe on the balcony.

A Vittoria piace prendere il sole in spiaggia.
Vittoria likes to sunbathe at the beach.

La mamma sta prendendo il sole sulla sedia a sdraio.
Mom is sunbathing in the deck chair.

Federica prende il sole durante la pausa pranzo al lavoro.
Federica sunbathes during her lunch break at work.

girl walking with an umbrella in broad dailight to avoid the sun

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