To set the table in Italian

To set the table in Italian

Apparecchiare la tavola
To set the table

Literal translationTo set up the table
IPA pronunciation/apparɛkˈkjaːre la ‘tavola/

The verb apparecchiare comes from apparecchio, which means apparatus or device. Apparecchiare is very specific: you can actually use this verb alone to translate to set the table in Italian.

You can also translate it as preparare la tavola, literally “to prepare the table”.

Preparare la tavola
To set the table

For this purpose, preparare is a more generic verb and cannot be used alone, so you have to say preparare la tavola.

to set the table in italian - apparecchiare la tavola - a man and a woman eating dinner

To set the table in Italian: Examples

La mamma mi ha chiesto di apparecchiare la tavola.
Mom asked me to set the table.

Alan prepara la tavola mentre Sarah cucina.
Alan sets the table for lunch while Sarah cooks.

Apparecchiò la tavola con piatti, bicchieri e posate.
He set the table with plates, glasses and cutlery.

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