To say sorry in Italian

To say sorry in Italian: Translation

Chiedere scusa
To say sorry

Literal translationTo ask pardon
IPA pronunciation/ˈkjɛdere ˈskuːza/

Chiedere scusa can also be translated into English as to apologize, although this is more commonly rendered in Italian with the reflexive verb scusarsi.

three men apologizing

To say sorry in Italian: Examples

Chiedo scusa per l’intrusione, signor Rossi.
I apologize for the intrusion, Mr. Rossi.

Hai chiesto scusa a Valerio per averlo spinto?
Did you say sorry to Valerio for pushing him?

Vorrei chiederti scusa per come mi sono comportato ieri.
I would like to say sorry for the way I acted yesterday.

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