To lock in Italian

To lock in Italian: Translation

Chiudere a chiave
To lock

Literal translationTo make a break
IPA pronunciation/ˈkiudere a ˈchiaːve/
woman locking a door with her smartphone - how do you say to lock in italian

To lock in Italian: Examples

Ti sei ricordato di chiudere a chiave la porta d’ingresso?
Did you remember to lock the front door?

Qualunque cosa accada, tenete la porta chiusa e non uscite.
No matter what happens, keep the door locked and don’t come outside.

Mio fratello si è dimenticato di chiudere a chiave la porta del garage.
My brother forgot to lock the garage door.

Non dimenticare di chiudere la porta a chiave quando esci.
Don’t forget to lock the door when you leave.

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