To lock in Italian

How do you translate to lock in Italian?

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at this very expression, also known as collocation, and we’ll even talk about what kind of different keys there are in Italian and what words you can use to describe them.

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To lock in Italian

First of all, let’s translate to lock in Italian.

Chiudere a chiave
To lock

woman locking a door with her smartphone - how do you say to lock in italian

To lock in Italian – Let’s break it down!

Chiudere a chiave literally means to close on key.

Chiave is the Italian translation for key.

To close


Mi sono chiuso a chiave!
I locked myself in!

a woman who just locked herself in

Chiudere is a verb of the second -ere group. Its indicativo presente conjugation is as follows.

lui, leichiude

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You’ll find this verb in a variety of other expressions in Italian. It is a very common verb. Some of these expressions are:

Chiudere una telefonata
To end a phone call
(To close a phone call)

Chiudere un occhio
To turn a blind eye to
(To close an eye)

Chiudere il becco
To shut up
(To close one’s beak)

man pressing his hands to his ears because of a loud noise

For example, you could say:

Posso chiudere un occhio sull’abbigliamento degli studenti in estate.
I can turn a blind eye to the students’ clothing in the summer.

Mia sorella non chiude mai il becco. Parla in continuazione.
My sister never shuts up. She talks all the time.

Ho appena chiuso la telefonata con Carla. Dovevi dirle qualcosa?
I just finished the phone call with Carla. Did you have to tell her something?


We said that the translation for to lock in Italian is chiudere a chiave. Chiave is a feminine noun.

Una chiave
A key

Delle chiavi
Some keys

La chiave
The key

Le chiavi
The keys

silver key - how do you say to lock in italian

Non trovo le chiavi di casa.
I can’t find my house keys.

Sul tavolo c’è una grossa chiave arrugginita.
On the table there is a large rusty key.

There’s more than one kind of key in Italian. More often than not, this key is a purely conceptual one, as in

Parola chiave

Chiave di volta

Chiavi in mano
All inclusive, turnkey
(Keys in hand)

real agent showing a family their new home

For example, you could say…

Qual è la parola chiave per aprire il cancello?
What is the keyword to open the gate?
(In computer science, password is more often used.)

La libertà di parola è la chiave di volta della democrazia.
Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of democracy.

La casa viene venduta chiavi in mano.
The house is sold all inclusive.

There is also the verb chiudere a doppia mandata. It’s the equivalent of the English verb to double lock.

Chiudere a doppia mandata
To double lock

Other words featuring key in Italian are:

Key ring

Chiave di riserva
Spare key

La chiave del mio appartamento è nel portachiavi.
The key to my apartment is on the key ring.

keyring shaped like a teddy bear

To lock in Italian – Examples

Ti sei ricordato di chiudere a chiave la porta d’ingresso?
Did you remember to lock the front door?

Qualunque cosa accada, tenete la porta chiusa e non uscite.
No matter what happens, keep the door locked and don’t come outside.

Mio fratello si è dimenticato di chiudere a chiave la porta del garage.
My brother forgot to lock the garage door.

Non dimenticare di chiudere la porta a chiave quando esci.
Don’t forget to lock the door when you leave.

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