To do the shopping

Fare la spesa

Use fare la spesa to say do the grocery shopping in Italian.

Literal translationTo do the expense
IPA pronunciation/ˈfaːre la ˈspeːza/
You do NOT sayFare la spesa alimentare

Fare la spesa
To do the (grocery) shopping

Fare spese and fare compere mean to go shopping, eg. looking at shop windows and buy clothes, purses, jewelry… Fare la spesa, on the other hand, means to go grocery shopping.

Spesa has a double meaning in Italian: it can mean “grocery shopping”, as in our case, and “expense, cost”, as in…

Ho molte spese da affrontare a fine mese.
I have many expenses to cover at the end of the month.

people checking out at the supermarket


Mia sorella è appena uscita per fare spesa.
My sister just went out for groceries.

Andrò a fare la spesa non appena esco dal lavoro.
I will do the shopping as soon as I get off work.

Il papà fa la spesa per i nonni.
Dad does the shopping for the grandparents.

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