To do the homework in Italian

To do the homework in Italian: Translation

Fare i compiti
To do the homework

Literal translationTo do the homework
IPA pronunciation/ˈfaːre i ˈkompiti/

Another way to say this is fare i compiti a casa, but fare i compiti is much more common.

Fare i compiti a casa
To do the homework

boy frantically doing homework

To do the homework in Italian: Examples

A mia figlia piace molto fare i compiti.
My daughter really likes doing her homework.

Monica non finisce mai i compiti prima delle dieci di sera.
Monica never finishes her homework before ten o’clock at night.

Non posso uscire a giocare. Ho troppi compiti da fare!
I can’t go out and play. I have too much homework to do!

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