To catch fire in Italian

To catch fire in Italian: Translation

Prendere fuoco
To catch fire

Literal translationTo take fire
IPA pronunciation/ˈprendere ˈfuoːko/
prendere fuoco - to catch fire in italian - man lighting up a fire with wood pieces

To catch fire in Italian: Examples

Le case di legno prendono fuoco molto facilmente.
Wooden houses catch fire very easily.

La padella ha preso fuoco mentre stavo friggendo alcune strisce di pancetta.
The pan caught fire while I was frying some strips of bacon.

Il pollaio ha preso fuoco, ma le galline sono riuscite a scappare.
The henhouse caught fire, but the chickens managed to escape.

Cosa facciamo se l’edificio prende fuoco?
What can we do if the building catches fire?

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