To blame in Italian

To blame in Italian: Translation

Dare la colpa
To blame

Literal translationTo give the fault
IPA pronunciation/ˈdaːre la ˈcolpa/
man with a menacing look

To blame someone can be translated as dare la colpa a qualcuno, which literally means “to blame at someone”.

Dare la colpa a qualcuno
To blame someone

It can also be translated as incolpare, but this verb is slightly less common.

Incolpare (qualcuno)
To blame (someone)

To blame in Italian: Examples

È stata incolpata la persona sbagliata. Federico è innocente.
The wrong person was blamed. Federico is innocent.

Non puoi dare la colpa a Paolo. Lui non era neanche presente alla festa.
You can’t blame Paolo. He was not even present at the party.

È facile dare la colpa a chi non può difendersi.
It is easy to blame those who cannot defend themselves.

Non è colpa mia! Non dare la colpa a me!
It is not my fault! Don’t blame me!

man sweating from fear

Useful expressions when talking about fault

Assumersi la responsabilità
To take responsability

Sentirsi in colpa
To feel guilty
(To feel at fault)

Cospargersi il capo di cenere
To wear sackcloth and ashes
(To sprinkle your head with ashes)

Capro espiatorio

a wondering goat

For example, you can say…

L’autista non si assume la responsabilità dell’incidente.
The driver does not take responsibility for the accident.

Mi sento in colpa per non essere intervenuto.
I feel guilty for not stepping in.

Il figlio si cosparse il capo di cenere e chiese scusa ai propri genitori.
The son wore sackcloth and ashes and apologized to his parents.

Stai solo cercando un capro espiatorio per sfogarti con qualcun altro.
You are just looking for a scapegoat to vent to someone else.

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