To be thirsty in Italian

To be thirsty in Italian: Translation

Avere sete
To be thirsty

Literal translationTo have thirst
IPA pronunciation/aˈveːre ˈseːte/

Although you could literally translate to be thirsty as essere assetato, where assetato is an adjective, this expression is almost never used in everyday life.

Ideally, you would say something like sono assetato!, I am thirsty!, to emphasize your condition: I AM thirsty (and I need water asap). If you just want to say that you’re thirsty, stick to avere sete.

Essere assetato
To be thirsty

very thirsty man - how do you say to be thirsty in italian

To be thirsty in Italian: Examples

Sembra che il tuo cane abbia sete.
It looks like your dog is thirsty.

Ho sete. Dammi qualcosa di fresco da bere, per favore.
I’m thirsty. Give me something cold to drink, please.

Non mi ero reso conto di quanto fossi assetato.
I didn’t realize how thirsty I was.

Questi pretzel mi fanno venire sete.
These pretzels make me thirsty.

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