To be late in Italian

To be late in Italian: Translation

Essere in ritardo
To be late

Literal translationTo be in delay
IPA pronunciation/ˈessere in riˈtardo/

Late as an adjective is an adverb in Italian and it is translated as tardi. You can translate “to be late” also as fare tardi, especially when it’s used in the past (“you were late and you arrived late”).

girl who is late for school

To take a break in Italian: Examples

Ho perso l’autobus e ora sono in ritardo.
I missed the bus, and now I’m late.

A volte i treni possono essere in ritardo.
Trains can be late sometimes.

Siamo in ritardo per la lezione.
We are late for the lesson.

Non voglio fare tardi all’appuntamento.
I don’t want to be late for the appointment.

Oggi ho fatto tardi al lavoro.
I was late for work today.

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