Sparkling water in Italian

How do you translate sparkling water in Italian?

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at this very expression, also known as collocation, and even talk about what other kinds of water there are in Italian.

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Sparkling water in Italian

First of all, let’s translate sparkling water in Italian.

Acqua frizzante
Sparkling water

You may also see this expression as acqua gassata.

Acqua gassata
Sparkling water

bottle of sparkling water

Sparkling water in Italian – Let’s break it down!

Acqua frizzante literally means fizzling water, while acqua gassata literally means carbonated water.

In English, these expressions are not equivalent: you would use sparkling water to refer to a type of water that naturally contains carbon dioxide, while you would use carbonated water to refer to a type of water with artificially-added carbon dioxide.

There is no such distinction in Italian: acqua frizzante and acqua gassata can be used interchangeably. If you want to emphasize that the small bubbles in your water are natural, you can use the expression acqua effervescente naturale, “naturally sparkling water”.

Acqua effervescente naturale
Naturally sparkling water

Acqua is simply the Italian translation for water. Notice how the adjective comes after the noun: very few Italian adjectives come before the noun. Changing the order is not a mistake, but your sentences will sound stiff and old-fashioned.



In frigo sono rimaste due bottiglie di acqua frizzante.
There are two bottles of sparkling water left in the fridge.

fridge full of food

Frizzare is a verb of the first -are group. Its indicativo presente conjugation is as follows.

lui, leifrizza

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For example, you could say:

La schiuma frizza attorno ai bordi della bacinella.
The foam fizzes around the edges of the bowl.

Le bollicine frizzano nel bicchiere.
The water bubbles sizzle in the glass.

man holding a glass of sizzling lemonade


We said that the most common translation for sparkling water in Italian is acqua frizzante. Acqua is a feminine noun (LA).

A water

Delle acque
Some waters

The water

Le acque
The waters

Marco riempie un bicchiere d’acqua.
Marco fills a glass with water.

Quanti litri d’acqua può contenere una piscina?
How many liters of water can a swimming pool hold?

kid swimming in pool

Other expressions with acqua are…

Acqua salata
Salty water

Acqua dolce

Acqua in bottiglia
Bottled water

Acqua corrente
Running water

For example, you could say…

Ho lavato le verdure in acqua salata.
I washed the vegetables in salt water.

La trota è un pesce d’acqua dolce?
Is the trout a freshwater fish?

Non bevo mai l’acqua in bottiglia.
I never drink bottled water.

La maggior parte delle persone qui intorno non ha elettricità o acqua corrente.
Most people around here don’t have electricity or running water.

stream with running water between trees

Sparkling water in Italian – Examples

Un bicchiere di acqua frizzante, per favore.
A glass of sparkling water, please.

Non bevo mai acqua frizzante. Mi gonfia la pancia.
I never drink sparkling water. It makes my belly bloat.

Preferisci l’acqua frizzante o l’acqua naturale?
Do you prefer sparkling water or still water?

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