Prince Charming in Italian

How do you translate Prince Charming in Italian?

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at this very expression, also known as collocation, and will even mention a few words that you can use along with principe and azzurro to expand your Italian vocabulary.

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Prince Charming in Italian

First of all, let’s translate Prince Charming into Italian.

Principe azzurro
Prince Charming

a royal prince smiling and looking at the reader

Prince Charming in Italian – Let’s break it down!

Principe azzurro is made up of two words.


Light blue

Charming is translated into Italian as affascinante or splendido, but it doesn’t work here. I’m sure fairy tales are packed full of charming princes, principi affascinanti, but there’s only one Prince Charming, and in Italy, he’s a… “light blue prince”.

(Could be MCU’s Loki. Tee-hee.)

Why light blue?
Light blue was the traditional color of the House of Savoy, a royal dynasty in medieval Italy.

Il principe azzurro salvò la principessa dal drago.
Prince Charming saved the princess from the dragon.
(Notice how you don’t have to capitalize the noun in Italian!)

Il principe azzurro è un personaggio che compare in molte fiabe popolari.
Prince Charming is a character that appears in many popular fairy tales.


We said that the translation for Prince Charming in Italian is principe azzurro. Principe is a masculine noun.

Un principe
A prince

Dei principi
Some princes

Il principe
The prince

I principi
The princes

children during a recital

Did you know?
Il principe is also a book by the Italian writer Niccolò Machiavelli.

Another common adjective that goes with principe in Italian is cadetto (cadet). A principe cadetto is any prince born into a royal family who isn’t the first-born.

Principe cadetto
Cadet prince

For example, you could say:

Il principe cadetto prenderà in moglie una principessa.
The cadet prince will marry a princess.
Literally: The cadet prince will take a princess as his wife.

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Azzurro is an adjective translated as “light blue”. Blue is translated as blu in Italian. It comes from the Persian word lāžward, which literally means “lapislazzuli”.

Azzurro has four versions because Italian adjectives must match the gender and number of the noun they describe.


For example, you could say…

I principi azzurri di tutte le fiabe si contendono il salvataggio della principessa.
Prince Charmings from all fairy tales compete to rescue the princess.

Mi piace la maglietta azzurra.
I like the blue shirt.

blue Hawaiian-styled tshirt

Gli azzurri is also the name of the national Italian soccer team. This comes from the fact that the players’ jerseys are blue!

Prince Charming in Italian – Examples

Il principe azzurro comparve su un cavallo bianco.
Prince Charming appeared on a white horse.

Il principe azzurro risveglia la principessa addormentata con un bacio.
Prince Charming wakes the sleeping princess with a kiss.

Esistono fiabe dove è la principessa a salvare il principe azzurro?
Are there any fairy tales where it is the princess who saves Prince Charming?
(Yes, there are.)

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