Weapon vocabulary in Italian

Weapon vocabulary in Italian 1-5

The weapon

La lancia
The spear

La spada
The sword

Il coltello
The knife

Il pugnale
The dagger

a dagger

Weapon vocabulary in Italian 6-10

La sciabola
The saber

La pistola
The gun

Il fucile
The rifle

Il moschetto
The musket

Il mitra
The submachine gun

soldier crouching and holding a submachine gun

Weapon vocabulary in Italian 11-15

La fionda
The slingshot

Il martello
The hammer

Il bastone
The stick

Il fioretto
The foil

The ax

woodworker holding an ax

Weapon vocabulary in Italian 16-20

L’accetta, la scure
The hatchet

The bow

La balestra
The crossbow

The halberd

La freccia
The arrow

robin hood shooting an arrow

Weapon vocabulary in Italian 21-25

La frusta
The whip

Il cannone
The cannon

La mina
The mine

La bomba
The bomb

La bomba nucleare
The nuclear bomb

green nuclear bomb

Weapon vocabulary in Italian 26-30

Il missile
The missile

Il razzo
The rocket

Il lanciarazzi
The rocket launcher

Lo scudo
The shield

The armor

armored soldier running and holding a spear

Weapon vocabulary in Italian 31-35

La cotta di maglia
The coat of mail

The helmet

To shoot

To wound

To fight

men fighting at war

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