Useful Italian Words: Types of houses

Types of houses in Italian 1-5

La casa
The house

La casa di campagna
The country house

The apartment

La cascina
The farmstead

La capanna
The hut

small japanese hut

Types of houses in Italian 6-10

Il grattacielo
The skyscraper

La baita
The cabin

Lo chalet
The chalet

Il cottage
The cottage

Il castello
The castle

medieval castle

Types of houses in Italian 11-15

La tenda
The tent

Il dormitorio
The dormitory

La casa sull’albero
The tree house

La fattoria
The farmhouse

Il palazzo
The palace

japanese palace

Types of houses in Italian 16-21

La villa
The villa, the house

La villa bifamiliare
The semi-detached house

La villa padronale
The manor

Il camper
The camper van

La roulotte
The trailer

The igloo

an eskimese holding a fish and a dog against an igloo

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