Useful Italian Words: Castles

Parts of a castle in Italian 1-5

Il fossato
The moat

La torre di guardia
The watchtower

Il mastio
The keep

Il torrione
The fortified tower

Il ponte levatoio
The drawbridge

suspended bridge made of wood

Parts of a castle in Italian 6-10

Il cammino di ronda
The rampant walk

La cancellata
The railings

Il bastione
The bastion

La torretta
The turret

Le mura
The walls

ninja holding a paper with a wall print

Parts of a castle in Italian 11-15

Il passaggio segreto
The secret passage

La caditoia
The machicolation

La cinta muraria
The ring of walls

La feritoia
The loophole

La corte, il cortile
The courtyard

arches in a garden made of plants and roses

Parts of a castle in Italian 16-20

La sala d’armi
The weapons room

La botola
The trapdoor

Le prigioni
The prisons

Le cucine
The kitchens

I sotterranei
The dungeons

underground columns that hold the ceiling

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