Useful Italian Words: Organs

Organs in Italian 1-5

The organ

Il cuore
The heart

Il fegato
The liver

Il polmone, i polmoni
The lung, the lungs

Il rene, i reni
The kidney, the kidneys

kidneys - organs in italian

Organs in Italian 6-10

The intestine

La pelle
The skin

Il cervello
The brain

Lo stomaco
The stomach

La lingua
The tongue

mouth and tongue

Organs in Italian 11-15

La milza
The spleen

Il duodeno
The duodenum

Il pancreas
The pancreas

The appendix

La vescica
The bladder


Organs in Italian 16-20

L’ovaio, le ovaie
The ovary, the ovaries

The uterus

Il testicolo, i testicoli
The testicle, the testicles

Il retto
The rectum

La gola
The throat

doctor examining a kid's sore throat

Organs in Italian 21-24

La tiroide
The thyroid

La trachea
The windpipe

The esophagus

La laringe
The larynx

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