Useful Italian Words: Livestock

Livestock in Italian 1-5

La mucca
The cow

Il toro
The bull

Il vitello
The calf

La pecora
The sheep

The lamb

face of a lamb

Livestock in Italian 6-10

La capra
The goat

Il capretto
The kid (goat)

La gallina
The chicken

Il pulcino
The chick

Il gallo
The rooster

a white, fatty rooster

Livestock in Italian 11-15

Il cane da pastore
The herding dog

The duck

The duckling

Il cavallo
The horse

Il puledro
The foal

a happy foal facing left

Livestock in Italian 16-20

The donkey

Il maiale
The pig

Il maialino
The piglet

The animal farming

La fattoria
The farm

cow farm and a meadow

Livestock in Italian 21-24

La stalla
The stable

Il porcile
The pigsty

Il pollaio
The chicken coop

L’allevamento intensivo
The intensive animal farming

intensive chicken farming for egg production

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