Useful Italian Words: Injuries

Injuries in Italian 1-5

La ferita
The injury, the wound

Il taglio
The cut

Il livido
The bruise

Il morso
The bite

La frattura
The fracture, the broken bone

boy with a broken arm and a sling

Injuries in Italian 6-10

The burn

La scottatura
The sunburn

La puntura
The sting

L’escoriazione, la sbucciatura
The graze

The hemorrhage

girl with nose hemorrhage

Injuries in Italian 11-18

Il sanguinamento
The bleeding

La slogatura
The sprain

Lo strappo muscolare
The pulled muscle

La scheggia
The splinter

La commozione
The concussion

La vescica
The blister

The poisoning

Il colpo di frusta
The whiplash

old man getting a whiplash because of a car accident

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