Useful Italian Words: Illnesses

Illnesses in Italian 1-5

La malattia
The illness

La febbre
The fever

Il mal di testa
The headache

La tosse
The cough

Il raffreddore
The cold

woman sneezing - illnesses in italian

Illnesses in Italian 6-10

The flu

Lo starnuto
The sneeze

To sneeze

To vomit, to throw up

La nausea

man cleaning his teeth and getting nausea

Illnesses in Italian 11-15

To faint

The migraine

Il mal di stomaco
The stomachache

La diarrea
The diarrhea

I crampi
The cramps

woman with cramps - illnesses in italian, useful words

Illnesses in Italian 16-20

The heart attack

The stroke

Il virus
The virus

Il batterio
The bacterium

The allergy

woman scratching her skin because she is allergic to dogs

Illnesses in Italian 21-25

La pressione sanguigna
The blood pressure

La varicella
The chickenpox

Il morbillo
The measles

La pertosse
The whooping cough

Gli orecchioni
The mumps

kid with mumps

Illnesses in Italian 26-28

The infection

Il diabete


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