Useful Italian Words: Sleeping

Words for sleeping in Italian 1-5

To sleep

Il letto
The bed

Il materasso
The mattress

Il cuscino
The pillow

La sveglia
The alarm clock

orange alarm clock set at 8 pm

Words for sleeping in Italian 6-10

Il silenzio
The silence

The teddy bear

La coperta
The blanket

Il sogno
The dream

The nightmare

boy sleeping and having a nightmare

Words for sleeping in Italian 11-15

Il pigiama
The pajamas

La camomilla
The chamomile tea

Il divano
The sofa

Il sonnifero
The sleeping pill

La ninnananna
The lullaby

woman singing a lullaby to her son

Words for sleeping in Italian 16-20

L’ora della buonanotte
Time for good-night

To fall asleep

To relax

To wake up

To snore

man snoring and disturbing his wife's rest

Words for sleeping in Italian 21-25

Il sonno REM
REM sleep

Il sonno profondo
Deep sleep

Il risveglio notturno
The night awakening

La paralisi del sonno
The sleep paralysis


sleepless woman at 3 am

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