Useful Italian Words: Fire!

Words about fire in Italian 1-5

Il fuoco
The fire

The fire (big fire, out of control)

Il rogo
The stake

Il fumo
The smoke

La cenere
The ash

erupting volcano and a house covered in ash

Words about fire in Italian 6-10

La fiamma
The flame

Il falò
The campfire

Il carbone
The charcoal

Il legname
The timber

Il legno
The wood

some wood

Words about fire in Italian 11-15

I pompieri
The firefighters

Il calore
The heat

Il camino
The fireplace; the chimney

The stoker

La scottatura
The burn

woman and a boiling pot erupting soup

Words about fire in Italian 16-23

La scintilla
The spark

The lighter

Il tizzone
The ember

Il fiammifero
The match

Il vulcano
The volcano

Il piromane
The pyromaniac

To burn

Appiccare il fuoco
To set fire

boy watching a lit match

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