Useful Italian Words: The face

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Parts of the face in Italian 1-5

La faccia
The face

Il viso
The face

Il volto
The face

Faccia, viso and volto all refer to the face. If you want to know when and how to use each of them, see the lesson on the difference between faccia, viso and volto.

I capelli
The hair

Capelli is a plural noun. A single hair is called a capello.

La pelle
The skin

a man taking care of his skin

Parts of the face in Italian 6-10

La fronte
The forehead

La tempia
The temple

L’occhio, gli occhi
The eye, the eyes

Il sopracciglio, le sopracciglia
The eyebrow, the eyebrows

Sopracciglio changes gender in the plural.

Il ciglio, le ciglia
The eyelash, the eyelashes

CIglia is feminine, while ciglio is masculine.

parts of the face in italian - occhio

Parts of the face in Italian 11-17

L’orecchio, le orecchie
The ear, the ears

Il naso
The nose

La guancia
The cheek

La bocca
The mouth

Il labbro, le labbra
The lip, the lips

Labbro is feminine in the plural.

Il mento
The chin

La mandibola
The jaw

parts of the face in italian - naso

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