Useful Italian Words: Family members

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Family members in Italian 1-10

La famiglia
The family

The man

La donna
The woman

Il bambino
The male child

La bambina
The female child

Il ragazzo
The boy

La ragazza
The girl

Il gemello
The twin

I genitori
The parents

I parenti
The relatives

family members in italian - gemelli

Family members in Italian 11-20

Il papà
The dad

La mamma
The mom

Il padre
The father

La madre
The mother

Il figlio
The son

La figlia
The daughter

Il fratello
The brother

La sorella
The sister

Il nonno
The grandfather

La nonna
The grandmother

family members in italian - nonna

Family members in Italian 21-30

Lo zio
The uncle

La zia
The aunt

Il cugino
The male cousin

La cugina
The female cousin

Il nipote
The grandson
The nephew

La nipote
The granddaughter
The niece

Il marito
The husband

La moglie
The wife

Il genero
The son-in-law

La nuora
The daughter-in-law

family members in italian - moglie

Family members in Italian 31-40

Il suocero
The father-in-law

La suocera
The mother-in-law

Il cognato
The brother-in-law

La cognata
The sister-in-law

Il patrigno
The stepfather

La matrigna
The stepmother

Il fratellastro
The stepbrother

La sorellastra
The stepsister

Il figliastro
The stepson

La figliastra
The stepdaughter

family members in italian - father-in-law

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