How do you say TOMORROW in Italian?

How exactly do you say tomorrow in Italian?

As you will see in this lesson, there’s more than one way to translate this word in Italian. Why is that? Read on to find out!


Let’s start! Iniziamo!

Most common way to say tomorrow in Italian


Domani is the most common translation for tomorrow in Italian.


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Its pronunciation is similar to doh-mah-nee and it comes from the Latin de mane, “of morning”.

La scuola inizia domani.
School begins tomorrow.

Domani avremo una lezione di matematica.
We will have a math class tomorrow.

Se domani piove, rimarrò a casa.
If it rains tomorrow, I’ll stay at home.

Domani can be preceded by the articles un and il (respectively, an indefinite and definite article) to create the expressions un domani and il domani. Note that these will change its meaning!

Un domani and il domani are synonyms for “some day” or “future”.

Sogniamo un domani migliore.
We are dreaming of a better future.

Come sarà il domani?
How will the future be?

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Other ways to say tomorrow in Italian


L’indomani (indomani + article) is another way to translate tomorrow in Italian with the meaning “the day after that day”, but it is less commonly used than domani.

The day after that day

Preparò le valigie il venerdì e partì l’indomani mattina.
He packed his bags on Friday and left the next morning.


Domane is a literary way to say domani which is found only in very purple prose, so don’t use it in every day speech!


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Tomorrow with parts of the day

You can use domani together with any part of the day just as you do for “tomorrow”, as in tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening.

Domani mattina and domattina are both used to translate good morning and there’s no difference between the two. The second variant is just shorter than the other! They come from mattina, a feminine noun meaning “morning”.

Domani mattina
Tomorrow morning

Tomorrow morning

Domani mattina devo andare dal parrucchiere.
Tomorrow morning I have to go to the hairdresser.

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Domani pomeriggio means tomorrow afternoon, with pomeriggio meaning afternoon.

Domani pomeriggio
Tomorrow afternoon

Domani pomeriggio giocherò a calcio con gli amici.
Tomorrow afternoon I will play soccer with friends.

Domani sera means tomorrow evening, with sera meaning evening.

Domani sera
Tomorrow evening

Vieni al cinema con noi domani sera?
Will you come to the movies with us tomorrow evening?

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Notte is a feminine word in Italian and it means night.

Domani notte
Tomorrow night

What comes after tomorrow

There’s a single word that means “the day after tomorrow” in Italian, and it’s dopodomani. Dopo means after, so this literally means “after tomorrow”.

The day after tomorrow

La verifica di matematica non è domani, ma dopodomani.
The math test is not tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow.

Domani l’altro also translates the day after tomorrow in Italian, but it literally means “the other tomorrow”.

Domani l’altro
The day after tomorrow

Until tomorrow!

A domani and ci vediamo domani are used as greetings in Italian and can be literally translated as “until tomorrow” and “we see ourselves tomorrow”.

They mean see you tomorrow.

A domani
See you tomorrow

Ci vediamo domani
See you tomorrow

Grazie per la chiacchierata. Ci vediamo domani!
Thank you for the chat. See you tomorrow!

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Expressions with tomorrow in Italian

Let’s wrap up our lesson with a few sayings that feature the word for tomorrow in Italian. For each expression you will find the translation into English and a literal meaning.

Non rimandare a domani quello che puoi fare oggi
Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today
Literally: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today

Meglio un uovo oggi che una gallina domani
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
Literally: Better an egg today than a chicken tomorrow

Oggi a me, domani a te
Your day will come
Literally: Today to me, tomorrow to you

Oggi qui, domani là
Here today, gone tomorrow
Literally: Today here, tomorrow there

Dall’oggi al domani
All of a sudden, within a single day
Literally: From today to tomorrow

That’s it, now you know how to say tomorrow in Italian!

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