The days of the week in Italian

Did you know? The name of the days in English are based off the Norse deities.

Tyr’s day became Tuesday.
Odin’s day became Wednesday.
Thor’s day became Thursday.

The days of the week in Italian are based on the Roman gods, which also lend their names to the planets of our Solar System.


How do you say the days of the week in Italian?

Comes from: Luna, “Moon

Comes from: Marte, “Mars”

Comes from: Mercurio, “Mercury”

the days of the week in Italian - mercoledì

Comes from: Giove, “Jupiter”

Comes from: Venere, “Venus”

Comes from: The Shabbat

Comes from: Dies Dominicus, Latin for The Lord’s day

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Usage examples of the days of the week in Italian

La scorsa settimana
Last week

La prossima settimana
Next week

L’altra settimana
The other week

the days of the week in Italian - la scorsa settimana

Tre lunedì fa
Three Mondays ago

Sabato è il mio giorno libero. Andiamo al parco?
Saturday is my day off. Are we going to the park?

Il negozio è aperto dal lunedì al venerdì.
The shop is open from Monday to Friday.

Vado a correre tutte le domeniche.
I go running every Sunday.
Note: Sundays

Non lo vedo da tre settimane.
I haven’t seen him in three weeks.

How do you ask what day is it?

Even if you can recite the days of the week in Italian by heart, you won’t go very far if you can’t ask what day it is.

Che giorno è oggi?
What day is it today?

Che giorno sarà domani?
What day will it be tomorrow?

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