How to use STASERA in Italian

How do you use the word stasera in Italian? What does it mean? How do you pronounce it?

In this lesson, we will look at how to use this word with the help of many audio recordings and example sentences. Read on to learn all you need to know!

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Stasera in Italian

What is stasera?

Stasera is an adverb that means “this evening” or “tonight”. It’s the shortened form of questa sera, which literally means “this evening”, and it’s used to refer to the evening hours before midnight.

This evening, tonight

Its pronunciation is close to stah-seh-rah, but remember to roll your R’s! If you have trouble pronouncing Italian sounds, check out the Italian pronunciation guide.

Now, let’s see some example sentences with stasera in Italian.

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Dall’aspetto del cielo, potrebbe iniziare a nevicare stasera.
From the look of the sky, it may begin to snow tonight.

Sono così stanca che stasera non ho voglia di studiare.
I’m so tired that I don’t feel like studying tonight.

Ci vediamo stasera, allora. Ciao!
See you tonight, then. Cheers!

Cosa farai stasera? – Guarderò un po’ di TV.
What are you going to do tonight? – I’ll watch a little TV.

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How do you use stasera in Italian?

You use stasera in Italian to talk about events that happen between 6pm and midnight.

You can’t use stasera to talk about events that happen after midnight, that is what stanotte is for. Stanotte literally means “this night” or “tonight”.

Rapineremo la banca stanotte alle 3.
We are going to rob the bank tonight at 3 am.
(After midnight)

Faremo una passeggiata stasera dopo cena.
We’re going for a walk tonight after dinner.
(Before midnight)

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Of course, you can also use questa sera instead of stasera. The words are completely interchangeable.

Questa sera verrà lanciato un razzo lunare.
A moon rocket will be launched tonight.

Siete tutti nostri ospiti questa sera.
You are all our guests tonight.

Questa sera ti va di giocare a scacchi?
How about playing chess tonight?

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Collocations with sera

There’s a number of common expressions and collocations using sera in Italian. Some of these are…

  • sul far della sera (at sunset, literally “on the evening’s doing)
  • verso sera (toward the evening)
  • a tarda sera (late in the evening)
  • una di queste sere (one of these nights)

For example, you could say…

Mi piacerebbe andare a mangiare fuori, una di queste sere.
I’d like to go out for dinner one of these nights.
(Before midnight)

Mio papà torna sempre a casa a tarda sera.
My dad always comes home late at night.

Smise di piovere verso sera.
It stopped raining towards evening.

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And that’s the end of our lesson on how to use stasera in Italian!

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