How do you say SPOON in Italian?

How exactly do you say spoon in Italian?

As you will see in this lesson, there are many types of Italian spoons. Read on to learn them all!


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How do you say spoon in Italian?


Cucchiaio is how you translate spoon in Italian.


how do you say spoon in italian - woman blowing over a hot spoonful of yellow rice

Un cucchiaio
A spoon

Dei cucchiai
Some spoons

Il cucchiaio
The spoon

I cucchiai
The spoons

Its pronunciation is similar to cook-key-ah-yoh and it comes from the Latin cochlearium, “snail”, because it used to be a tool used for eating snails. Make sure your final -o is clean, without any -w quality at the end.

Di solito mangiamo con coltello, forchetta e cucchiaio.
We usually eat with a knife, fork and spoon.

Adele immerge il cucchiaio nella zuppa.
Adele dips her spoon in the soup.

Ho comprato una dozzina di cucchiai e due dozzine di forchette.
I bought a dozen spoons and two dozen forks.

Other translations for spoon in Italian


Cucchiaino is the diminutive form of cucchiaio (the -ino suffix in Italian makes things smaller).

Small spoon

While you would normally use a cucchiaio to eat soup, you will use a cucchiaino to eat ice cream or stir tea.

Quali sono i cibi che si mangiano di solito con un cucchiaino?
What are some of the foods you usually eat with a small spoon?

Dove hai messo tutti i cucchiaini?
Where did you put all the spoons?

cucchiaino - small kid eating his food with a small spoon

Another translation for small spoon you can use is cucchiaietto, but it is not as common as cucchiaino which is the standard form.


Cucchiaione is the opposite of cucchiaino, as it means big spoon. It can also be used to translate big spoonful in colloquial language.

It is also a synonym for ladle, which is more commonly translated as mestolo.

Big spoon

Si può inghiottire un cucchiaione di cannella senza tossire?
Can you swallow a big spoonful of cinnamon without coughing?
(Nope. Don’t even try.)

Parts of a spoon in Italian

The handle of the spoon, where you place your fingers, is called manico or, less commonly, impugnatura. Historically, this part was called codolo, but you don’t need to learn that!

Handle, grip

Handle, grip

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An Italian spoon for any occasion

Cucchiaio da minestra
Soup spoon

Mary distribuì l’impasto con un grosso cucchiaio da minestra.
Mary distributed the dough with a large soup spoon.

bowel of red soup and a spoon

Cucchiaino da tè
Tea spoon

Colleziono cucchiai da tè.
I collect tea spoons.

Cucchiaino da caffè
Coffee spoon

Dove sono i cucchiaini da te?
Where are the coffee spoons?

Materials of a spoon in Italian

Spoons are made of many different materials and these are introduced in Italian by the preposition di, of. You can have…

Wooden spoons, i cucchiai di legno, are commonly used to stir pasta cooking in the boiling pot!

Cucchiaio di legno
Wooden spoon

La mamma mescola la zuppa con un cucchiaio di legno.
Mom stirs the soup with a wooden spoon.

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The spoons used to eat soup are usually made of acciaio, steel.

Cucchiaio d’acciaio
Steel spoon

I cucchiai d’acciaio sono molto resistenti.
Steel spoons are very resistant.

More espensive spoons are made of argento, silver.

Cucchiaio d’argento
Silver spoon

Ho una collezione di cucchiaini da tè d’argento provenienti da tutto il mondo.
I have a collection of silver tea spoons from all over the world.

Cheaper and disposable spoons are made of plastica, plastic.

Cucchiaio di plastica
Plastic spoon

I cucchiai di plastica inquinano l’ambiente.
Plastic spoons pollute the environment.

bowl full of yogurt and a green spoon made of plastic - how do you say spoon in italian

Other words to describe a spoon in Italian

Cucchiaiata literally means spoonful into Italian, although we will still use cucchiaio or cucchiaino in our sentences (see the examples), even in recipes.


Aggiungo sempre un cucchiaio di miele al mio tè.
I always add a spoonful of honey to my tea.

Ogni mattina aggiungo un cucchiaino di zucchero al mio caffè.
I add a small spoonful of sugar to my coffee every morning.

Aggiungere 3 cucchiai di vino bianco.
Add 3 tablespoons of white wine.

Creamy sweets and desserts like puddings that are meant to be eaten with a spoon are called dolci al cucchiaio, literally “desserts at the spoon”.

Dolce al cucchiaio
Creamy dessert meant to be eaten with a spoon

little girl eating a pudding with a small spoon - how do you say spoon in italian

Finally, the expression raccattare col cucchiaino, literally “to scoop up with a spoon”, is used when someone is so tired they can barely stand on their feet. They have basically melted.

Raccattare col cucchiaino
To scoop up with a spoon

Luca è così stanco che lo dovranno raccattare col cucchiaino.
Luca is so tired that they will have to scoop him up with a spoon.

And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say spoon in Italian!

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