How to use PRESTO in Italian

How do you use the word presto in Italian? What does it mean? How do you pronounce it?

In this lesson, we will look at how to use this word with the help of many audio recordings and example sentences. Read on to learn all you need to know!

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Presto in Italian

What is presto?

Presto is an adverb that can have several meanings.

Soon, quickly, early

Its most common translation into English is “soon”, but it can also mean “quick” and “early”. It’s also used in a variety of greetings, such as see you soon.

Its pronunciation is close to press-toh. If you have trouble pronouncing Italian sounds, especially the rolled R, check out the Italian pronunciation guide.

Now, let’s see some example sentences with presto in Italian, before we take a look at how to use this word.

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La primavera arriverà presto.
Spring will be here soon.

Ti abituerai presto alla cucina giapponese.
You will soon get used to Japanese food.

Spero che ci rivedremo presto.
I hope we’ll meet again soon.

Forse pioverà presto.
Maybe it’ll rain soon.

thunderbolts and rain behind a window

Now let’s see how to use presto in Italian.

Use of presto in Italian

We’ve said that presto in Italian has more than one meaning. First, it means “soon”.

Presto diventerò un bravissimo cuoco.
Soon I’ll be a great cook.

When translated as “soon”, presto can also be used to translate expressions such as as soon as possible, il più presto possibile (also found as il prima possibile), and sooner or later, presto o tardi.

Chiamami sul cellulare il più presto possibile.
Call me on my cell phone as soon as possible.

Presto o tardi passerai l’esame.
Sooner or later you’ll pass the exam.

teacher handing out exam results to his students

Presto can also translate as quick or hurry when it’s used as an invitation for someone to hurry up or when you want to assure someone that you will be quick.

Presto! Faremo tardi per la prima dello spettacolo!
Hurry! We are going to be late for the premiere of the show!

Farò presto, starò via solo qualche minuto.
I’ll be quick; I’ll only be gone a few minutes.

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Finally, presto can be used to translate “early”, as in “to wake up early” or “to arrive early”. It’s also used when you’re doing something earlier than usual.

Devo alzarmi presto domani mattina.
I have to get up early tomorrow morning.

Siamo arrivati troppo presto. Il negozio era ancora chiuso.
We arrived too early. The store was still closed.

Partiremo alle 6 di mattina. – Così presto?
We will leave at 6 in the morning. – So early?

And that’s the end of our lesson on how to use presto in Italian!

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