Prendere Imperfetto Conjugation

In this lesson, we will look at the verb prendere imperfetto conjugation.

Listen to the pronunciation as many times as you need and then listen to the example sentences to commit it to memory. Italian verbs have never been so easy!

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Prendere imperfetto: Conjugation table and pronunciation

Prendere is a regular verb in the imperfetto tense.

Prendere imperfetto pronunciation

you (s)took
he, shetook
lui, leiprendeva
you (pl)took

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Prendere imperfetto: Examples

Prendevo spesso brutti voti quando ero alle medie.
I often got bad grades when I was in middle school.

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Prendevi davvero l’aereo tutti i giorni?
Did you really take the plane every day?

Sara non prendeva quasi mai il treno.
Sara hardly ever took the train.

Quando nevicava, prendevamo i guanti e uscivamo in giardino.
When it snowed, we would take our gloves and go out into the garden.

Prendevate spesso l’autobus?
Did you take the bus often?

I bulli prendevano spesso in giro i più piccoli della classe.
The bullies often teased the youngest children in the class.

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And that’s it, now you know the prendere imperfetto conjugation in Italian!

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