How do you say NOON in Italian?

How exactly do you say noon in Italian?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different words you can use to talk about noon in Italian. Read on to learn everything you need to know!


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Noon in Italian


Mezzogiorno is how you translate noon into Italian. It can also be translated as midday. Let’s hear how this noun is pronounced.

Its pronunciation is similar to mez-zoh-johr-noh and it comes from mezzo, half, and giorno, day. Make sure the final -o has a clean sound, because Italian vowel sounds are clean, and if you have trouble pronouncing the hard Z sound, check out the Italian pronunciation guide!


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How do you use mezzogiorno in Italian?

Mezzogiorno is a masculine noun in Italian, but it’s almost always used without the article.

The correct spelling is mezzogiorno, not mezzo giorno!
Also, don’t confuse it with il Mezzogiorno, with an article and a capital M, which is a translation for southern Italy.

È già mezzogiorno.
It’s noon already.

To translate at noon, use a mezzogiorno, with the preposition A. For example, you could say…

Pranziamo spesso a mezzogiorno in punto.
We often have lunch at noon sharp.

La campana suona a mezzogiorno.
The bell rings at noon.

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To translate until noon or till noon, use fino a mezzogiorno.

Ho dormito fino a mezzogiorno e poi ho studiato per il resto della giornata.
I slept until noon and then I studied for the rest of the day.

La riunione è andata avanti fino a mezzogiorno.
The meeting went on until noon.

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Before noon and after noon are translated as prima di mezzogiorno and dopo mezzogiorno, respectively. Make sure you don’t add the preposition DI after dopo, as it doesn’t sound right.

Pensi di potercela fare prima di mezzogiorno?
Do you think you can make it before noon?

Ha iniziato a piovere dopo mezzogiorno.
It started to rain after noon.

By noon can be translated either as entro mezzogiorno or per mezzogiorno.

Erica dovrebbe essere qui entro mezzogiorno.
Erica should be here by noon.

Devi finire questo lavoro per mezzogiorno.
You must finish this work by noon.

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Other examples with noon in Italian

Let’s see some other sentences featuring the word for noon in Italian.

Il mio turno inizia a mezzogiorno.
My shift begins at noon.

Era circa mezzogiorno quando arrivò in città.
It was around noon when he arrived in the city.

È impossibile arrivare entro mezzogiorno.
It’s impossible to arrive by noon.

Il pranzo sarà servito a mezzogiorno.
Lunch will be served at noon.

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And that’s the end of our lesson on how to say noon in Italian!

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