Meaning of ANDIAMO in Italian

What does andiamo mean in Italian? How do you pronounce it?

In this lesson, we will look at how to use this word with lots of audio recordings and example sentences. Read on to learn all you need to know!

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How to use andiamo in Italian

What is andiamo?

Andiamo! is an imperative mood conjugation of the verb andare, which means to go. More specifically, it’s the third-person plural conjugation of andare, which is a very irregular verb in Italian and means “let’s go”.

Let’s hear how it is pronounced.

Let’s go!

Its pronunciation is close to un-dee-ah-moh. If you have trouble pronouncing Italian sounds, especially the palatalized L, check out the Italian pronunciation guide.

Now, let’s see some example sentences using andiamo in Italian, before we take a look at how to use the verb andare along with its other imperative mood conjugations.

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Andiamo! Siamo già in ritardo.
Let’s go! We are already late.

Ragazzi, andiamo o faremo tardi!
Guys, let’s go or we’ll be late!

Andiamo a cenare al ristorante stasera!
Let’s go to the restaurant for dinner tonight!

front side of a restaurant

Now let’s see where andiamo in Italian comes from.

Use of andiamo in Italian

You probably already know that the indicativo presente (present tense) conjugation for the pronoun io adds the ending -o to the root of the verb, or stem (see note for more info).

What’s the stem of a verb?
Italian infinitive verbs end in -ARE, -ERE and -IRE.
Cut iff this part and you are left with the root verb.
tremare ➡️ trem-
piovere ➡️ piov-
cucire ➡️ cuc-
Italian verb endings for each tense are added to these root forms of the verb.

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Now, how would you conjugate the present tense of andare, “to go”?

Take away the infinitive ending -are and add -o!

Andare… ➡️ And-… ➡️ Io ando?

That’s… not quite right.

kid walking on a white line on the road

You may be surprised to learn that the correct conjugation for andare is actually io vado. This is because andare is an irregular verb.

That said, let’s see the imperative mood conjugation of andare along with its pronunciation.

Imperative mood conjugation of andare

lui, leivada
kid pointing right

For example, you could say…

Vai a destra e poi prendi la prima strada a sinitra.
Turn right and then take the first road on the left.

Andate a prendere gli scatoloni in garage!
Go get the boxes in the garage! (plural)

Andiamo can also be used as an exclamation of joy or frustration. This is equivalent to the English exclamation come on!.

Andiamo! Non puoi dire sul serio.
Come on! You can’t be serious.

Andiamo, non è poi così difficile!
Come on, it’s not that difficult!

Other meanings of andiamo in Italian

Part of the imperative mood conjugation of andare overlaps with the present tense conjugation of the same verb.

Present tense conjugation of andare

lui, leiva

For example, you could say…

Vado a fare spesa. Ti serve qualcosa?
I’m doing the shopping. Do you need anything?

Anna va a scuola tutti i giorni.
Anna goes to school every day.

two girls going to school

This means that andiamo has three different meanings:

  • let’s go!
  • come on!
  • we go

And that’s the end of our lesson on how to use andiamo in Italian!

What next?

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