Idioms with letters in Italian

In this lesson, you’ll learn the most common and interesting idioms with letters in Italian.

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Idioms with letters in Italian

The first we’re going to see translates as to dot your i’s.

Mettere i puntini sulle i

This is used to address a nitpicky kind of person.

Mettere i puntini sulle i
To dot your i’s
Literally: to put the small dots on the i’s

Il mio commercialista è molto preciso. Gli piace mettere i puntini sulle i.
My accountant is very precise. He likes dotting his i’s.

idioms with letters in Italian - dot your i's

Non capire un’acca

Latin used to aspirate h‘s, but Italian doesn’t. In modern Italian, hai and ai are pronounced exactly the same. You can’t really hear the h sound.

This gave way to the idiom non capire un’acca, meaning “to not understand anything”.

Non capire un’acca
To not understand anything
Literally: to not understand an h

Puoi parlare più forte? Non capisco un’acca!
Can you speak louder? I can’t understand anything!

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Non valere un’acca

Likewise, non valere un’acca was born. Since h’s don’t really serve a purpose in Italian, non valere un’acca means “to be worth nothing”.

Non valere un’acca
To be worth nothing
Literally: to not be worth an h

Non vale un’acca come cuoco. Brucia sempre tutto.
He’s worth nothing as a cook. He always burns everything.

idioms with letters in Italian - acca

Dalla a alla zeta

There’s a direct correspondence with its translation to English: from A to Z. From beginning to end.

Dalla a alla zeta
From A to Z

Questo negozio vende un po’ di tutto, dalla a alla zeta.
This shop sells a bit of everything, from A to Z.

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Imparare l’ABC

Contrary to what it may seem, this idiom has nothing to do with the alphabet. Imparare l’ABC means “to learn the basic theory of a subject”.

Imparare l’ABC
To acquire the basics
Literally: to learn the ABC

A scuola dovrebbero insegnare l’ABC dell’economia.
Schools should teach basic concepts of the economy.

idioms with letters in Italian - imparare l'abc

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