How to say I THINK SO in Italian

How exactly do you say I think so in Italian? Are there more ways to say it?

In this lesson, we will take a look at the different ways you can translate this sentence into Italian. Read on to learn them all!

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How do you say I think so in Italian?

Penso di sì

Penso di sì is how you most commonly translate I think so in Italian.

Penso di sì.
I think so.

C’è ancora un po’ di succo d’arancia in frigorifero? – Penso di sì.
Is there any orange juice left in the refrigerator? – I think so.

Penso is the first-person conjugation of the verb pensare, to think.

Another very common translation is credo di sì, featuring the verb credere, to believe.

Credo di sì.
I believe so.

Then we have the preposition “di”, which roughly translates of, and , which stands for yes. This sentence literally translates to “I think of yes”.

Pensare is one of those pesky Italian verbs that need to be followed by a preposition. You need to use di in this specific sentence, but other prepositions are used. For example, you could hear…

Penso di non andare alla festa.
I think I’m not going to the party.

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Penso che il leone sia un animale bellissimo.
I think lions are beautiful animals.

Penso spesso a cosa potrei fare da grande.
I often think about what I might do when I grow up.

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Mi sa/pare di sì

Mi sa di sì cannot be literally translated, because mi sa che is a very colloquial expression that means I guess. It comes from sapere, to know.

Mi pare, however, can be translated as it seems to me. It comes from parere, to seem.

Mi sa di sì.
I guess so, I think so.

Mi pare di sì.
I guess so, I think so.

Both can be used in conjunction with proprio, a very common filler word.

Laura è già andata via? – Mi sa proprio di sì.
Has Laura left already? – I really guess she has.

Mi pare proprio che il cane sia scappato.
It really seems to me that the dog ran away.

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(Ti) direi di sì

Direi di sì and ti direi di sì are other common ways of translating I think so in Italian. They literally mean “I would tell (you) so”, with ti meaning “to you”.

Ti direi di sì.
I would tell you yes.

Pensi che dovrei iscrivermi a un corso di karate? – Ti direi di sì.
Do you think I should enroll in a karate class? – I would say yes.

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